Repair/ Rebuild Services

rm wilson co. is an Eickhoff & MultiGear  authorized repair/rebuild facility specializing in full service rebuilds as well as on-site repair service in all industries. Every in-house rebuild includes complete disassembly, non-destructive testing,  complete bearing and seal replacement, and test run (including vibration analysis). We also have many years of experience with the rebuild/repair of other gearbox manufactures equipment. Please contact rm wilson co. for more information.


rm wilson is proud of the premier manufacturers we represent. Periodically, we will feature a story about one of our manufacturers, their products or how the products impacted one of our mining customers.

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Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Services

rm wilson co. specializes in repairing gearboxes and has a superb success rate with rebuilds. rm wilson co. is approved for OEM gearbox rebuilds by Eickhoff & MultiGear,  internationally renowned precision gear unit manufacturers.

rm wilson co. in partnership with Warwood Armature and numerous local suppliers has the capability to offer engineering and designs of custom parts and equipment. With a fully equipped machine shop including CNC automatic capabilities we can offer complete machine shop services to meet our customers needs.

R.M. Wilson is a product specialist for Flexco and therefore has the ability and expertise to repair, and if need be, facilitate the repairs of many Flexco belt conveyor products, including skivers, belt cutters, MSRT tools, rivet drivers, and belt lifts. Our technicians have decades of experience assessing and repairing many of these tools in house, or as a certified Flexco partner, should the need arise, the ability to send directly to the manufacturer for repair.

R.M. Wilson is an authorized supplier of Svendborg brakes and brake parts, and offers repair/rebuild services both at R.M. Wilson facilities and on site. Our experienced service technicians work directly with our customer to inspect the parts, identify the issues, and make the proper repairs. Due to our experience and close partnership with Svendborg, we are trusted to handle any Svendborg Brakes repair process, but should the need arise, a Svendborg technician will accompany R.M. Wilson’s team for further consulting on the job. No matter the application or location, R.M. Wilson is available to service your Svendborg brakes.

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Founded in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1966 by Richard M. Wilson, rm wilson is the choice supplier of premier longwall mining equipment and parts including conveyor chains, gear units, solid tire and wheel assemblies, maintenance parts and accessories, safety equipment, hardhats, belts, cable handling chains and power tools.


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