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Select your markets. Learn your customer’s needs. Support them with superior, high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. Sell direct to customers for better prices, better service and better relationships. This business philosophy has guided rm wilson through nearly five decades of service to the mining industry. At the heart of it is the selection and sourcing of the best products from the leading suppliers.

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rm wilson is proud of the premier manufacturers we represent. Periodically, we will feature a story about one of our manufacturers, their products or how the products impacted one of our mining customers.

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BETEK, located in the Black Forest town of Aichhalden, Germany, has been producing cutting tools for mining and other industries for many years. BETEK’s product quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and intensive development are second to none. BETEK leads the industry in cutting tools for longwall shearers, continuous miners, and plough systems.

With their roots in the mining industry, BETEK’s diverse product range reflects their years of experience. BETEK manufactures a range of products for tunneling, trenching, road milling, and wear protection.

To learn more about BETEK, visit www.betek.de.

Eickhoff, located in Bochum, Germany, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of machined parts and gearboxes for mining and wind energy. Whether in the icy heights of the numerous offshore wind turbines or hundreds of feet underground in a coal mine, Eickhoff gearboxes steadily operate with high precision and are capable of withstanding extreme loads.

To learn more about Eickhoff, visit www.eickhoff-bochum.de

An industry leader for over 100 years, Flexco understands that your belt conveyors play a critical role in your productivity. With products including mechanical belt fastening systems, belt maintenance and installation tools, cleaners and plows, and pulley lagging, Flexco products are of the highest quality and durability to keep you running.

At rm wilson, we can help you evaluate your system’s performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement complete solutions featuring Flexco products.

To learn more about Eickhoff, visit www.flexco.com

It doesn’t matter where your mining job takes you, what matters is how much material you produce and move, how quickly you do it, and how much it costs you each shift. If you’re not moving enough material, working as efficiently as you need to, and saving (and making) money in the process, then it’s time for better tooling. It’s time for Kennametal.

Cutting coal and other underground materials is what you do best. But the job can take you into challenging conditions. What Kennametal does best is provide the premier mining bits, bit pullers, augers and drill rods, to meet your expectations and let you do what you do best.

For more information, visit www.kennametal.com

Krummenauer is an independent, family owned manufacturer of longwall shearer drums, continuous miner drums, and other mineral cutting technology. Located in Neunkirchen, a small town in the mining region in Saarland, Germany, Krummenauer is now in its third generation of family ownership. They have been manufacturing quality products since 1925.

Their unique combination of safety, efficiency, innovation, and quality, yields a cutting product that is second to none in the mining industry. This distinction has made Krummenauer a recognized name all over the world. Krummenauer supplies cutting products in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and Australia, among other mining and tunneling markets globally.

To learn more about how Krummenauer products can help increase your mining efficiency, contact your local RM Wilson representative, or check out www.krummenauer.de.

KWS is a division of Thiele GmbH & Co, in Iserlohn, Germany. This division manufactures lifting and pulling chains for all industries. In addition to chains, KWS manufactures hooks, rings, lugs, and many other accessories designed for lifting applications. KWS is trained and certified to assemble the various components into lifting slings. The assembled slings are tagged and certified as required by various industry standards.

In close cooperation with customers, KWS always is searching for better and more innovative solutions. Supported by renowned universities and leading research institutes, we are continuously researching material technique and shaping, resulting in a more solid and safer product.

Learn more at www.kwschain.com

Mansign Mining Equipment, LTD. is the longtime leader in cable handling and hydraulic emulsion-driven handtools for the mining industry. As the size of mining machinery, cables, hoses and voltages has increased, more rugged, longer-lasting cable handlers and handtools are required. Mansign has answered this need with innovative design and quality manufacture.

The team of Multigear GmbH has spent decades in the gearbox business.

After working many years for a manufacturer of gearboxes for wind energy and industrial applications it has been realized, that essentials such as reliability, efficiency and confidencial cooperation are the most important requirements in service business.

In order to fulfill these criteria according to our conceptions, the company has to convert these points consequently, even under the pressure of daily business.

We service all major gearbox manufacturers including:

  • Jahnel-Kestermann (JAKE)
  • Winergy (Flender)
  • Lohmann Stolterfoht (Bosch Rexroth)
  • Renk
  • Eickhoff
  • Brook Hansen
  • Moventas
  • …and many more.

Pewag has hundreds of years of experience in the manufacturing of tire protection chains and their components. Since the first documented reference of its forging plant in Brueckl, Austria in 1479, the Pewag group has become one of the leading manufacturers of tire chains worldwide.

View Pewag examples of work at www.pewagchain.com

Ringfeder is the North American distributor of industrial Couplings Power Transmission Products and Mining Equipment from TSCHAN, TUESCHEN & ZIMMERMAN, STUEWE and others.

Ringfeder’s goal to make the products and services you need readily available and economical for the American industrial and commercial markets.

Explore Ringfeder’s products at www.ringfeder.com.

SETCO offers complete solid tire and wheel assemblies for mining and industrial applications. Specializing in tires for scoops, shield haulers, roof bolters, shuttle cars, and skid steer loaders, SETCO’s solid rubber tires are made for extreme and abusive environments. Their reputation for toughness has earned them the nickname “The Junkyard Dog” of tires!

You can learn more and see SETCO’s solid tire and wheel assemblies in action at www.setcosolidtire.com.

Svendborg Brake is a world leader in the manufacture of hydraulic braking systems for heavy industry. Svendborg offers a total solution for all braking applications. Known for “Braking the Force of Nature”, Svendborg designs, builds and provides technical support for braking systems worldwide.

To see examples, visit www.svendborg-brakes.com.

Since 2000, Tiefenbach North America has been an industry leader in providing the U.S. mining market with the highest quality hydraulic parts and supplies.

Tiefenbach North America’s product line includes electronic shield controls, adapters and hoses, control systems, mining adapters, and high pressure ball valves.

For over 75 years, Thiele GmbH has been the leader in the manufacture of chain, flight bars, connecting links, and hoist chains. Since the mechanization of underground mining, Thiele has lead the industry in the advancement of mining chains and conveying technology.

Thiele manufactures to very stringent quality controls, enabling rm wilson to ensure that Thiele products will meet your high demand needs. Thiele products are the standard for conveying, lifting, moving, and securing heavy loads.

To learn more about Thiele, visit www.thiele.de.

Voith Turbo components are highly advanced technologies that transmit and control power under extreme conditions – safely and economically. Drive components and systems from Voith Turbo are found wherever power has to be converted into controlled movement.

Learn more at www.voith.com.

Leaders in the design, engineering, and manufacture of high precision gears and Slewing bearings

Online purchases of safety equipment featuring hats, lights, belts, and clothing. rm wilson is also developing quick-kits
for when you need to outfit one
miner, or a whole crew.

Founded in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1966 by Richard M. Wilson, rm wilson is the choice supplier of premier longwall mining equipment and parts including conveyor chains, gear units, solid tire and wheel assemblies, maintenance parts and accessories, safety equipment, hardhats, belts, cable handling chains and power tools.


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