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rm wilson co. is not only a certified distributor of Thiele chain and Mansign cable handler, but also has the expertise to assemble these products, as well. The assembly process can be a grueling task taking time and manpower away from your operation, so we take all the necessary steps for you to ensure these products are assembled properly, providing a safe and easy installation process.


rm wilson is proud of the premier manufacturers we represent. Periodically, we will feature a story about one of our manufacturers, their products or how the products impacted one of our mining customers.

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Chain Assembly

Longwall chain and flight bar assemblies are tough, robust parts that are engineered for the harshest conditions imaginable, but improperly assembled parts can cause disaster in a production environment. rm wilson has been assembling flight bars to chain for 30 years.  From matching the chain strands, to proper assembly and torque procedures, rm wilson’s experience assures the customer that their assemblies can withstand anything. These assemblies are carefully loaded to the customer’s specifications into special, heavy duty containers, for their journey into the mine to the longwall face.

Longwall cable handler comes in 5 ft. sections and needs to be assembled with the cable and water hose for the desired number of sections. rm wilson co. offers assembly service for longwall cable handler in order to relieve the customer of the burden of spending time and manpower to assemble their cable handler. 

Online purchases of safety equipment featuring hats, lights, belts, and clothing. rm wilson is also developing quick-kits
for when you need to outfit one
miner, or a whole crew.

Founded in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1966 by Richard M. Wilson, rm wilson is the choice supplier of premier longwall mining equipment and parts including conveyor chains, gear units, solid tire and wheel assemblies, maintenance parts and accessories, safety equipment, hardhats, belts, cable handling chains and power tools.


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